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You can't achieve excellent results without excellent service. We get to know your system and personnel through frequent service visits, and we're always ready to answer questions that may come up on the job. And when you go with a Weas program, you won't have to endure the service representative changes that many other firms make on a regular basis.


Weas Engineering representatives are aware that timely response and availability for on-site consultations are critical to your success, and we follow up. Your calls and e-mails are important and are returned as quickly as possible.

Weas Reports

Designed as a forward-thinking solution for the water treatment industry, www.WeasReports.com effectively replaces the traditional pencil and paper binder used by most water treatment companies with a modernized, web-based reporting system.


Weas Engineering employees document their service reports electronically so that the data can be compiled along with the data from the customer's properly configured controller. Our customers are able to access their service report and controller data anytime from anywhere with Internet access.

Ease of Use


We utilize certain features in WeasReports such as allowing Weas Engineering's customers the opportunity to receive emailed copies of their service reports for their convenience. At the customer's request, they can be set up to receive automated email alarms for any test result outside of range as soon as a service report is saved. The alarms contain all of the relevant information for specific tests and can be received via cell phone, company email, personal email, and more. Features such as these enable us to keep our customers informed through either their direct utilization of the site or indirectly via automated email features.


The Weas Engineering laboratory is committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers. Our expertise is derived from an understanding of our clients' systems and years of experience in analytical chemistry and microbiology. Rigorous attention to standard methods and a state-of-the-art facility enable us to perform detailed analyses on virtually any sample that arrives at our lab. We work constantly to improve our analytical capabilities and can leverage a strong network of knowledgeable sources when unique samples need to be analyzed. Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations with excellence in quality, speed of analysis, and accuracy of results.


Weas Engineering places a great deal of emphasis on customer personnel training. Water treatment is necessary to protect and lengthen equipment life, to minimize risk, and to lower overall operating costs for a facility. To experience success in your treatment program, we feel a solid grasp of the basic technology behind the treatment of water systems is of the utmost importance. Our training programs direct their attention to several important areas of concern: basic water chemistry, basic treatment technology, pretreatment equipment, proper testing and evaluation of results, safe handling of chemical products, information on what each treatment product does, equipment inspection, chemical feed, and controller calibration and operation.


Training sessions are typically conducted on-site, but sometimes may be taken off-site to accommodate large groups or cover more generic topics.


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