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Most facilities operate around the clock, and so do we. Weas offers industry-leading control, feed, monitoring, and communications equipment that allows for precise control and instant access to current conditions and critical information. This includes the use of our websites, wireless technologies, statistical process control, and data management tools.

Our customers also benefit by configuring their compatible controllers to communicate with WeasReports.com. Customers with a compatible controller, along with an Internet cellular or phone connection can have their controller configured to send data to WeasReports.com. Data from the controller is automatically sent to the server where it remains available for at least five years. WeasReports.com can also utilize this controller data to automatically calculate evaporation credits, inventory usage, and elution studies. Analytical tasks such as graphing test results from both service reports and operator logs against controller data are made to be quick and simple.


EDD System

When possible, Weas Engineering utilizes its EDD (Elimination of Drum Disposal) service. With the EDD program there is:


  • No drum handling, storage, or disposal
  • No exposure to chemicals by your personnel
  • Containment of product provided
  • Uninterrupted supply of product
  • Storage tanks sized to fit your needs
  • Automatic ordering and delivery
  • On-time delivery by trained Weas Engineering delivery specialists
  • Reduced potential environmental and safety liabilities

The Weas Engineering EDD System is the most flexible and safe system to deliver chemical products in our industry. Let our experts handle the task of chemical inventory management, so your staff can focus more of their time on their areas of expertise.

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